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October 2016

Joseph’s Coat

A multicoloured rosebush that lights up the garden


In this autumnal period, you may still have the chance to admire the magnificent warm tints of “Joseph’s Coat”. The bright colours of this rose hark back to an episode in the Old Testament: of the 12 sons of Israel (Jacob), Joseph is his father’s favourite. In particular, the father shows his affection by giving the boy a splendid multicoloured coat for his 17th birthday.


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Localisation de la variété

Location of ‘Joseph’s Coat’ in the Roseraie : Flowerbed 127 A 


A rose with warm tones, “Joseph’s Coat” was bred by Herbert Swim in 1964 at the Armstrong Nurseries (Ontario, California, USA). It won several awards before being marketed in 1969.


“Joseph’s Coat” immediately set itself apart from its fellows, not by its exceptional colour but by its exceptional colours! A rose with changing tones, like “Masquerade” or “Rosa chinensis ‘Mutabilis’”, created enthusiasm amongst amateurs: when aging, its golden yellow roses change to orange before ending in a purplish red. Three colours on the same rosebush!


That extraordinary result is the fruit of crossing a bush with large yellow blooms (“Buccaneer”) and a bush with grouped blooms of yellow shading to pink (“Circus”).


After the results of the 1964 competitions, André Leroy, honorary chief engineer of parks and gardens of the City of Paris, concluded: “Americans are also present in a number of European competitions, and their novelties are always of value. Armstrong Nurseries has presented novelties in each of the types (…). JOSEPH’S COAT (…) was noted at every competition. It is an original variety that has a great effect, and that has deservedly won the Bagatelle Gold Medal.”

(“Mon jardin et ma maison” (“My Garden and My House”) issue no. 80 - 1st January 1965)

Joseph’s Coat

Category: Modern horticultural variety (Tea Hybrid).

Foliage: Dark green with a shiny aspect.

Blooms: The semi-double blooms (7 cm in diameter) flower in bouquets of bright colours: from golden yellow, they progress towards orange, then to purplish red. This rosebush with warm tones offers strong flowering enveloped in a light, sweet scent.

Flowering: From May-June to the first frosts. Remontant.

Development: large – about 2 m high and up to 1.50 m wide.

Care: A vigorous bush that is fairly resistant to disease, it is well tolerant of poor soils and heat, but must be kept away from humidity.

Use: It flourishes as a free-growing bush, but “Joseph’s Coat” has a flexible carriage that allows it to be trained as a climbing rose on an adapted structure (portico, pergola, etc.).

Breeder: Herbert C. Swim / Introduced by David L. Armstrong (USA).

Marketed in: 1969.


- Gold Medal at the Bagatelle International Festival of New Roses (1964)

- 1st certificate of merit (multiple blooms) at the Rome International New Rose Competition (1964)

- The Royal National Rose Society Trial Ground Certificate (1963)

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