To give our visitors a warmer welcome

Wheelchair in the Roseraie

Wheelchair in the Roseraie.

Accessibility is a determining factor in ensuring comfort and quality of life for all of us.
Well aware of this fact, the Department of Val-de-Marne is committed to a major programme for improving accessibility with regard to its facilities, buildings and parks.

At the Roseraie du Val-de-Marne, a number of specially adapted tools have been installed with a view to meeting visitors’ expectations to the full.

Reception of visitors with reduced mobility

The Roseraie’s main pathways are easily accessible to people with reduced mobility. However, the paths that cross the collections gardens are narrower and more difficult to access.
Non-motorised wheelchairs are available at reception upon request.

Reception of hearing-impaired visitors

A magnetic loop is available from reception upon request. It enables hearing-impaired visitors equipped with hearing aids set at T position to follow a guided visit in comfort.

Orientation table in relief

Orientation table in relief.

Reception of visually-impaired visitors

The garden’s orientation table enables all our visitors to have an overall vision of the Roseraie and its 13 collection gardens. It has been designed in relief and in Braille for the visually impaired.
Visits based around scent, sound and touch are also available upon reservation.

Guide dogs accompanying visually-impaired visitors are allowed into the garden.

The Roseraie du Val-de-Marne team is at your disposal to help prepare your visit and so ensure you the best possible welcome.

Consulting the website

The Roseraie’s website has been designed to facilitate browsing by internauts.

  • Personalising pages

- Character size : you can enlarge the page by pressing the Ctrl and + keys simultaneously (Ctrl and - to reduce it) or Ctrl and mouse wheel. You can also use your browser’s functionalities : with Internet Explorer, click on "Page" then select "Zoom" to enlarge/reduce the page, or "Text size" to modify size of characters ; with Firefox, click on “View” and then select "Zoom" before selecting “Enlarge” or “Reduce”, etc.

- Page Layout : you can delete page layout features such as character colour and style sheets by using your browser’s functionalities : with Internet Explorer, click on "Page", select "Style" and then choose “No style” ; with Firefox, click on the “View” tab, select "Page style" and then choose “No style”.

  • Browsing aids

- Ariadne’s thread : located horizontally across the top of each page. It retraces the steps taken by internauts while browsing the site. Each element is clickable in order to retrace steps easily.

- Return to homepage : click on the Roseraie du Val-de-Marne logo on the top left of each website page in order to return to the homepage.

- Site plan : accessible by a link located at the bottom of each page, it gives an overall view of the sitemap tree.

- Search engine : located on the top right of each page, enabling users to carry out searches in the website content.

  • Software required in order to consult certain site content

- Variety search module : Free download of SVG viewer.

- Virtual tour : Free download of Quicktime.

- Pdf documents : Free download of Adobereader.