Musical Fragrances 2015

6/7th and 13/14th June 2015

On the first two weekends in June, the Roseraie du Val-de-Marne invites you to come and listen to traditional music from around the world at the Musical Fragrances festival.

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Every year, "Musical Fragrances" takes place on the first two weekends in June at the Roseraie du Val-de-Marne, and this year is no exception. For this 13th edition, the ADIAM94 and Roseraie du Val-de-Marne will take you on a journey across the Atlantic. North wind – Acadia, Ontario, Louisiana – the violin leads the dance in the footsteps of a faraway French-speaking land. South wind – Angola, Brazil, Paris – a gentle, magical dance in duo blends Portuguese-speaking harmony with African rhythms, right up to the capital itself.


On the programme

  • Saturday 6th June at 5 p.m. : Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole (Louisiana)
    An energetic thirty-something, Cedric Watson whisks past clichés on Louisiana up in a swirl of rhythmic dancing. A charming singer or atmosphere-setter, Watson flits effortlessly from the violin to the accordion. He’ll get your foot tapping as his words reach your ears. The magic of the Creole style is reflected in his smile.
  • Sunday 7th June at 3 p.m. : April Verch Band (Canada)
    Her naïve air of a prodigal child hides the fluency of an accomplished artist. April Verch treats listeners to a voluble bow and suave voice. And when her dancing shoes tap to the "old time" beat, you’re sure to be swept up in the elation of the whirling moment.
  • Sunday 7th June at 5 p.m. : Vishtèn (Acadia)
    The airs of Acadia hark back to the time of the North-East American pioneers. Vishtèn’s music breathes new life into words that were already being sung five centuries ago. With all the force of a swirling storm, these songs build a rampart protecting the pride of a people who feel isolated : a singular nuance of the French-speaking world.
  • Saturday 13th June at 5 p.m. : Bonga (Angola)
    His thirty or so albums and 400 songs make Bonga the most famous of contemporary Angolan singers. His husky, gravelly voice is associated with the spirit of resistance that he embodied before his country became independent. From melancholy to joy, he performs the popular style of Luanda, which he saw established 72 years ago.
  • Sunday 14th June at 3 p.m. : Samba de Rosa (Brazil/France)
    A new rose is blooming at the heart of the Roseraie. Samba de Rosa – word play on one of the forms of samba – brings together six Franco-Brazilian artists. On a crown of shimmering rhythms, their vocal harmonies are infused with the rousing fragrances of a universal samba.

  • Sunday 14th June at 5 p.m. : Márcio Faraco (Brazil)
    A breath of sea air, a stroke of bossa nova, Márcio Faraco’s inspiration is drawn from the musette and the fado. A clandestine passenger open to the beauty of the world, this Brazilian singer shares the spirit of his journeys in his roaming music.

Useful information

Free admission on the first weeked of "Musical Fragrances" (31 May and 1st June).

Second weekend : €3 full price and €1.50 reduced price (7 and 8 June).


The concerts will take place in the Theatre of Greenery.

Covered area if it rains.



For their 12th year, following the initiative of the Val-de-Marne County Council, these concerts are organised by the ADIAM 94 (County Association of Musical Actions and Information).

Initiative funded in part by the French Ministry of Culture (DRAC - Ile-de-France).