Audio guide

To facilitate your visit and make your walk all the more rewarding, a mobile audioguide provides an explanation of the garden, a presentation of its collections, and information on remarkable varieties of roses. Designed for individual use, it leaves visitors free to explore the spot at their own pace and as they choose.


Mobile contents are accessible from the Roseraie by using your smartphone to scan the QR codes disseminated around the garden, without having to prepare your visit beforehand. The QR codes link to pages on the Roseraie’s mobile website (“Strolls” subsite) each containing a visit point.


From this page, you can also download all 16 independent visit points to listen to in the Roseraie on the support of your choice (your mp3 Walkman, for example) or simply choose those that interest you.

> Download all visit points (.zip)

> Find out more about how QR codes work and the mobile guide

A garden with 13 collections

The decorative french-style rose garden

The history of the rose alley

The alley of the botanical rose bushes

The alley of the rugosa roses

The Pimpinella-Leaved Rose Alley

The Malmaison rose alley

The garden of roses from the Far east

The garden of old horticultural roses

The modern foreign rose garden

The Modern french rose garden

The Madame Gravereaux’s rose garden

The Norman Pavilion

The Théâtre de Verdure (Theatre of greenery)