International reputation

A key destination for garden tourism

The Roseraie is world famous!


The Roseraie, a unique conservatory of old roses in the world, attracts people from all over the world. In 2006, 4.2% of our 32,042 visitors came from abroad. Even if, on a global scale, tourism can be affected by fashionable trends, enthusiasm for gardens never fades.



Our Chinese friends give an introductory class to origami (June 1999).




Total no. of visitors in 2006 France (%) Europe (%) Asia (%) North America (%) Other countries (%)
32 042 95,80 %  2,79 %  0,60 %  0,33 %  0,48 %


Right from the start, Jules Gravereaux wanted to open his created garden up to visitors so as to share his passion for roses with them. With the same aim in mind, he sought to make the history of roses public knowledge by setting up a stand for the Roseraie at the international horticultural exhibition in Paris in 1910 : this presented Gravereaux’ theoretical work (genealogical tree, natural layout of wild roses, main breeds), illustrated with a display of 98 potted roses. A brochure entitled Guide pour servir à la visite de notre rétrospective de la rose.
Plantes et documents was published for the occasion, summarising the long history of the rose. The stand and brochure was a resounding success with the public.



This social dimension has since expanded, as proved by the media interest and arrival of new tour operators. The County Council, who currently manages the Roseraie, therefore attends a wide array of trade shows : for tour operators in Paris-Ile-de-France, for tourism, such as in the Ile-de-France and for hiking activities, as well as professional trade shows like the Rose Show in Orléans last September.



Tourism trade show in the Ile-de-France in 1994.


« You can’t touch a flower
without disturbing a star

James Thomson